Invercargill Medical Centre opened its doors on 19 January 2015. We were formed by the amalgamation of 8 practices, previously independent practices who all moved into a single purpose built facility now known as Invercargill Medical Centre.

We have a large number of staff that service approximately 22% of the Invercargill population. The merge has brought together an experienced group of medical professions and administrative staff, along with some new members who have recently joined our team. We pride ourselves in providing the best Primary Health care services and will continue to do so and work hard for our patients.

If you change your address or phone number please let us know. It is also very important to give your new address to any specialists you are currently seeing, and to the hospital if you are waiting on an outpatient appointment or surgery.

Our Team

Admin Team


Nursing Team


Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Prescribers


Dr Bruce McKerchar

General practitioner

Dr David Sar Shalom

General practitioner

Dr Malcolm Williams

General practitioner

Dr Marius Hill

General practitioner

Dr Peter Finlayson

General practitioner

Dr Suzanne Crengle

General practitioner

Dr Susan Pearce

General practitioner

Sheryl Eden

Nurse Practitioner

Caroline Corkill

General practitioner

Roger Baillie

General practitioner

Dr Werasera Rambukwelle

General practitioner

Dr Grzegorz Matusiak

General practitioner

A letter from our practice manager

Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou katoa

My name is Ariana and I am the Practice Manager of Invercargill Medical Centre. I am a born and breed Southlander. Along with my husband we have raised our 2 grown children in Southland and we have a great family, friend and community network and we wouldn’t have wished for a better place to raise our family. This was a hard decision for me to make because all of my family moved to the North Island and it would have been an easy thing to move with them, but I am very glad and grateful I stayed in Southland.

Southlanders are very caring people, we take pride in our region and are always looking out for one another. There are many different community groups and sports teams to join, my family and I are still active members in many. The friendly nature of Southlanders makes it easy to become involved and play an active role in the community and to get to know other people.

With less than 100,000 people covering 3.1 million hectares (12% NZ total land area), Southland is the perfect region to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Southland is a great place to work and do business. Southland offers a growing economy that welcomes innovation, and has a track record for making things happen. It is easy to commute as you can be on the other side of the city within 10minutes, which makes getting to school events during your lunchbreak, picking the kids up after school or visiting friends after work for a catch up easy.

With fantastic facilities, a range of activities and a relaxed pace of life, Southland is a family-friendly environment that provides the best of both worlds. We have the ILT stadium Southland which is the sporting, cultural and entertainment hub of our community, the rebuilt ILT Stadium Southland was officially opened in May 2014. Ideally located in the heart of the Surrey Park Sports Centre, ILT Stadium Southland is just 10 minutes from Invercargill Airport and five minutes from the city centre’s shops, restaurants and cafes.

Why do I love living in Southland? You can drive 2.5hrs North and be in Queenstown, 2hrs East and be in the city of Dunedin, 1.5hrs West and head to the beautiful Te Anau or 1hr boat ride South over to the lovely quaint Stewart Island so in any direction you take you to be somewhere new.

If you decide to choose Southland as your new home you will find a family-friendly community with traditional values, beautiful views, space and there is no need to rush.

Here are some links to knowing more about Invercargill, Southland and the surrounding districts