The following are the fees charged for a standard General Practice consultation within usual business hours. Additional charges may be incurred for extra services or extended visits, for example minor surgery and insurance examinations.

Invercargill Medical Centre would like to advise that they currently have Nurse Practitioners taking on new patients. General Practitioners at this time are unable to enrol any further patients under their care however their Nurse Practitioner colleagues have vacancies.

All new patients to Invercargill Medical Centre will be booked with one of our registered nurses prior to their first appointment with a clinician, this is so they can take ensure all your information from your previous medical centre has been received and that your current medical condition is recorded for the clinician to be able to appropriately assess and evaluate you.

Nursing Consultations/Services are available by appointment. These include blood pressure monitoring, diabetes monitoring, cardiovascular checks, dressings, immunisations, smoking cessation, cervical smears and advice about healthy living.

In fairness to your doctor or nurse and other patients, please advise us at least 2 hours before your appointment time if you are unable to attend an appointment. There is a ‘no show’ fee charged if no advanced notice is given.

If you require a service that is not listed below please contact us to discuss this.

Nurse Practitioners

We are very fortunate to have Nurse Practitioners as part of our clinical team.

A Nurse Practitioner has completed advanced education and training in a specific area of clinical practice combining the best of nursing with some skills from medicine. They can deliver a large proportion of the services the average person needs, in terms of minor acute illness and long term conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

Nurse Practitioners have the same right and access to services as medical staff within the hospital based services even though they work in primary care. This includes being able to refer patients into specialist services within the hospital. They have the right to order the full range of diagnostics they require within their scope of practice and to refer patients for admission to inpatients services following discussion with relevant clinical personnel.

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our Nurse Practitioners, give us a call or book on line use the Manage My Health patient portal.

General Consultations

  • Under 14 years free
  • 14 - 17 years $40.00
  • 18 - 64 years $44.00
  • 65 + years $42.00
  • Follow up consult - Discount Policy applies $30.00
  • Community Services Card Holders 14 - 17 years$12.50
  • Community Services Card Holders 18+ years$18.50

Casual or unfunded

  • Adult 18yrs + $75.00
  • Adult 18yrs + With HUHC $44.00
  • 14-17yrs $59.00
  • 14-17yrs With HUHC $40.00
  • Under 14yrs $45.00
  • Under 13yrs With HUHC Free
  • Community Services Card Holders: Adult 18yrs +$50.00
  • Community Services Card Holders: 14-17yrs$35.00
  • Community Services Card Holders: Under 14yrs$20.00

HUHC - High User Health card

Service Fees

Service Funded Non-Funded
13-17yrs Double GP consult 30 minutes - patient request $80.00 $118.00
Adult –Double GP consult 30 Minutes-patient request $88.00 $150.00 without HUHC
$120.00 with HUHC
Nurse Consultation/Education $20.00 $35.00
ACC First Consult - GP $39.00 $49.00
ACC First Consult - Nurse $25.00  
ACC Complex follow up with GP $30.00  
ACC Basic Follow up with GP $25.00  
ACC Community Services Card Holders 14 - 17 years $12.50  
ACC Community Services Card Holders 18+ years $18.50  
Standard Drivers medical $69.00  
Other class - Drivers medical $79.00  
CAREPLUS $27.00  

HUHC - High User Health card

Practice Nurse Fees

Practice Nurse Service Fee
Adult Tetanus Booster $30.00
Cervical Smear $29.00
Change of Dressing Simple $20.00
Change of Dressing Complex $30.00
Nurse ACC Dressings $25.00 (1st visit)
$10.00 (2nd visit complex)
$0 fee (2nd visit simple)
Blood Sugar Testing $5.00
Blood pressure check $10.00 (If GP requests review within 10days N/C)
BP with script $25.00
24 Hour BP $30.00
Depo Provera $29.00 (includes Rx)
Nurse Education $20.00
Ear Syringe (Simple) $20.00
Ear Syringe (Complex) $30.00
ECG $25.00
Flu Vaccine – Non Eligible $30.00
Child requiring 2 doses U16 $20.00 1st visit
$20.00 2nd visit
Hearing Test $35.00
Injections $10.00
B12 x5 doses $25.00
Liquid Nitrogen(over 13yrs) $20.00
Liquid Nitrogen (under 13yrs) $5.00
Liquid Nitrogen (2nd visit 13yrs +) $10.00
Emergency Contraception $20.00
Nebuliser use/hire $10.00
Pregnancy Test $10.00
Sutures Out Simple $20.00
Sutures Out Complex $30.00
Sutures Out ACC $10.00
UTI + script $25.00

Additional Services

Repeat Prescriptions - Pick up $15.00 Next day same - 24 hour
Repeat Prescriptions - Faxed $20.00 Next day - 24 hour
Same day urgent request $25.00  
Phone consultations with GP $25.00 Patient or Resthome staff has initiated
Medical Certificate (Sick) $25.00  

Procedure Fees

Procedure Fee
Minor Surgery Fee varies depending on procedure and time
Aclasta Infusion $145.00
Iron Infusion $145.00
Mirena Insertion Minor Op fee
Standard IUCD Minor Op fee
Pipelle $0.00 Claimed via WellSouth Portal
Ring Pessary (New) $105.00 includes the cost of a pessary $55.00
Ring Pessary - Replace (taken out washed and replaced) $50.00
Spirometry $35.00
Steroid inj by clinician $70.00 (additional to original consultation fee)
Minor Op $92-00 - $276.00 (fee will vary depending on procedure time)
Jadelle Insertion Minor Op fee
Jadelle Removal Minor Op fee
Diathermy Minor Op fee

Additional Charges

Did Not Attend (DNA) $25.00 A minimum of 2 hours notice is required
Late for routine visit - more than 10 minutes $20.00 Patient to make a new appointment
Monthly Account fee $5.00 Will be added to accounts after 30 days

Our GP & Nurse consultation fees are displayed in the waiting room. Copies are also available, if you would like one please ask at reception. Our fees are made up from the following:

  • Consultation time
  • Complexity
  • Eligible funding
  • Cost of running a medical practice

Free fees apply to:

  • Flu vaccination for pregnant women, anyone aged 65 years and over and anyone aged under 65 years with a medical condition that increases their risk of developing complication from the flu (conditions apply)
  • Childhood immunisations
  • Maternity care for the first 14 weeks

If you are not enrolled with our practice but would like to see a doctor the consultation fee is higher. This is called a casual consultation and must be paid before the consultation.

All payment for services is required after your consultation.

Payment options

You may pay using

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Eftpos
  • Credit card
  • Telephone banking
  • Online banking
  • Automatic payment – if you would prefer to make regular payments against your account please ask at reception.

If you do not pay on the day you will be sent an account which will incur administration fees.

All unpaid overdue accounts will be sent to a debt collection agency with all costs incurred by the patient including legal fees.

If your account is overdue payment for any further treatment is required before the consultation unless it is a medical emergency.

All accounts that remain unpaid will be recorded with a Credit Reporting Agency which may affect your credit rating.

See our terms of trade

No show policy

Failure to attend an appointment or failure to cancel one 2 hours before the appointment time will incur a fee based on the type of appointment booked.

By enrolling with us you authorise us to:

  • Disclose any information about you for the purpose of instructing other people including a debt collecting agency to recover any outstanding fees from you.

You acknowledge that:

  • All services may attract a fee
  • You remain liable for all fees, costs and disbursements (including Laboratory testing where you are not eligible for funding services in New Zealand) charged by us for the services.